Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You Card

I really like how this card turned out, I think because I actually used colours that I don't normally reach for....I must try that more often. Once my sister starts blogging here I think we are going to throw some challenges at each other. A) to step out of our comfort zone B) to use up some supplies that we seem to be stock piling. It would be alot of fun if we could encourage others to join in with us.

Timer is about to go off on the oven, 2nd batch of cupcakes are ready to come out! Cheyenne is having a "end of summer luau" at her daycare tomorrow....I am and have been since Dakota was a toddler the "cupcake mom" :o) Into the kitchen to ice and make them look purdy!!

Thanks for visiting!!
Charlene :o)

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Corie said...

Oh my this is gorgeous