Thursday, August 28, 2008

I really do have a sister....

This would be the missing sister lol
Just at work right now, I've been buggin my sister...."you know Jenn people who stop by *our* blog probably don't believe that I even have a sister" lol. She hasn't posted a single thing to our new blog!! Okay okay she's been busy, one of her best friends is getting married Sept 6 and she is the Maid of Honor. Soooo she has lots of duties and obligations, dress fittings, stagette, wedding shower ....blah blah blah get the point. Sooooo once the wedding is done I promise she will be posting and creating. She makes beautiful cards, she is a perfectionist (sshhh don't tell her I said so), but really her stuff is amazing. Well back to work, I'll be back later with a card to share.

Char :o)

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Lisa said...

Aw this cards is stunning love the colours.