Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally...a post!

So I tell everyone to come and visit my new blog and then I don't post....whats up with that?!! Sorry about that, life has just been busy and I haven't been down in my craftroom. I did start a little project lastnight though, I had hoped to of finished lastnight but was a bit more time consuming then I estimated. Anyhow, I finished it up tonight. I really like how it turned out, my son Dakota sat with me at the table for most of the evening while I made it....we had lots of laughs, especially the two of us dork's trying to figure out to make a cone for the top of the tree lol. Dakota was looking up tutorials on youtube, I wrecked 2 expensive pieces of paper lol....but man was it funny. We "kindof" figured out the cone...well, kindof sortof, just don't inspect it close up lol. I got this idea for the paper tree from "Tobi's Blog", I was going to use the same papers that she used by Heidi Grace but ended up using a new line from SEI, only because the colours matched my decor more. I love Tobi's tree, I think its beautiful. Although my intent was to duplicate hers, mine really doesn't look a whole lot like it lol....this seems to happen often to me. Oh well, I still really like it :o)


Nancy said...

Gorgeous Charlene!!!

Saweetie-Carleen said...

love the tree-- that is awesome!!! I havn't branched out my paper crafts that far yet-mostly cards/scrapbooking...but I do like the tree!!

Tobi Crawford said...

i really like your tree! cool papers too.