Monday, November 5, 2007

New Blogspot

I wish I knew how to transfer my whole blog over here, I have tried (many times) but with no luck. Its not really a huge deal though, I will just transfer over some photos of cards etc. I really wanted to get rid of "Butterfly Kisses" and just use my name "Charlene McKenzie", I always had the Charlene McKenzie blogspot, so I'm not sure why I didn't use it in the first place....who knows, I've done stranger things lol. I don't really know what to name my blog though, do I just keep it Charlene McKenzie? Is that too boring? It doesn't really express my interest in card making, scrapbooking, papercrafts etc. but I find everything really catchy sounding is already taken and I don't want to offend or make enemies in the blogging world lol. If anyone has any suggestions I'm totally open to hearing them :o)

I'm now switching over to Butterfly Kisses blogspot to leave the link for the new blog.....sorry to be such a nuisance, I think I like playing in Photoshop just as much as I do crafting :o)

Hope to see you here soon!!



Cindy said...

I love the look of your new blog.... very pretty!

Suzy said...

Your banner is absolutely STUNNING. I love the calm color and the feminine look to it. So pretty. I am not happy with my banner and know just how you feel.

I have no idea how to put an old blog in a new one - can you just cut and paste special posts and keep a link to the old blog maybe? Sorry not much help I am new at all this too.

Congrats on your new blog home though - so pretty :)

chelemom said...

Can't wait to see all of your wonderful creations!!!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Actually, it may not be so bad to have the older things stay there; I recently learned that you can run out of room in blogger and have to buy more space from (Maria of Card inspired) who is in the process of moving old stuff OUT. :0) Would love to see a link posted here so I could see your archives though. You do such gorgeous work! Mel