Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank goodness its Saturday

Not many blog posts from me lately.  I have been sick sick sick, for like 3 1/2 weeks and I just can't seem to shake it, its now a cough....a bad cough, nothing works and I'm coughing all day all night and going BONKERS because of it lol.  On top of that its just been a kind of a crummy couple of weeks, my husband lost his job, his job of 16 years and it honestly came as quite a surprise.  His mill had slowed down and shut down for a couple of weeks but always with the promise that things were going to be okay.  I can't even go into detail as the whole situation in my opinion was handled so very wrongly and I'm very angry about the whole situation.  He was given severence...thank goodness for after 16 years my husband is searching for a new career, I have no doubt that he'll find a great job that he loves and perhaps this whole mess is a blessing in disguise. 
Onto other cards lol.  I have 2 cards to share.  One is my card that I made for Christmas Stampin All Year Long Challenge 8 and the 2nd is a card that I made for my girlfriends little girls first birthday. 



Maria said...

Oh Charlene. . .I'm sorry about your cough and being sick. I had the same problem. . .I was sick for 3 weeks too but I'm all better now. I hope you feel better soon!

I'm sorry about your husband losing his job too. It's scary how one day you have a job and the next you don't. I hope you DH finds a new job soon. I wish your family the best.

Your Christmas card as always fabulous. You really did a fabulous job with the challenge. Love the non-traditional colors and the scenary you created.

Your second card is fabulous too. . .I love the different dps that you used and how you added those brads. Very pretty!!

Take care of yourself!


wandykj said...


Soooo sorry to hear that you haven't felt well, like you & Maria I too had that cough for like 4 wks. but I still get that tickle & can't seem to stop coughing. I hope you'll feel better real soon!

I'm also sorry to hear about you DH losing his job-sounds just like you said that they didn't handle it very well. We've been in the same situation & it was awful:( Definitely makes you appreciate the things you have, like your family closeness. My DH was offered schooling paid by the state so he decided to go into computers & found a job that he uses computers but not really in the field he went to school for. He has gotten laid off 5 times that I remember since we got married, including getting laid off 2 wks. before our wedding & then the day I announced our first pregnancy. But we held together & learned to budget & talked alot & we came threw it all. I'm hoping your DH finds a new job soon & that everything turns out alright.

Hope you received your Christmas Image Swap stuff-I had soooo much FUN stamping them for you. Just let me know if they arrived yet, as if they haven't I'll send out another pack for you.



Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Love seeing your posts and your christmas cards are rockin' I just love your clean style and your color choices!1

Summerthyme Studio said...

Love your Christmas Card Charlene and the little Monkey card too! I hope that you feel better soon and as well I am hoping that your husband will find something that he is happy with.......sometimes doors close to open another door to a better opportunity!



Cathy said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I also hope your DH finds work very soon. It is such a difficult time right now.

I love your cards. They are both cute. I love the Christmas card. Very cute!
Hugs, Cathy

Jamie Martin said...

Super cute cards :)

Colleen said...

Hope you're feeling better and sorry to hear about your husband's job! You cards look great!