Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello!! Wow...just about 2 months since I last posted. So much going on in my life right now my blog just got totally neglected. With everything happening I seemed to of lost my mojo....its is slowly but surely coming back though. Its so frustrating, I will go down to my craftroom and everything I touch just turns out to be a huge mess lol, either that or I just sit and stare at my supplies and can't make up my mind what to use. I have managed to make 2 cards (yay me lol) in the past 2 days, I have no info on them right now....that involves being organized and that just isn't me at the moment. I will post both of them and then I must get my butt into bed....I do promise to try and blog a bit more regularly. I also have been visiting all of your blogs, just not commenting....I will get back into that too!

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de said...

Love these! So bright and cheery! Glad to hear you feel your mojo is coming back. I think it happens to all of us sometimes, I know it does me!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Glad to see you back Char!!! Great cards and hope to see more!



Maria said...

Hey welcome back to blog land, Charlene!! I know what you mean. . .there's days when I'm in a crafting funk. What helps me is when I do have the mojo is I'll make more than one card and save for a rainy day so I have a constant flow of cards posted on my blog. I don't post all of my cards on my blog in one day.

Love your cards! Looks like your mojo is back and in full swing!! Love the pretty dps on both cards and the fabulous colors!!


Doreen Martinez said...

I love your work! So cute! I would like to share a link to a website that has fabulous crafting furniture. I am sure you will love it. I am currently in a competition to win an EZ VIew desk but would also love the workbox. If you like, you could vote for my entry #274 in the giveaway gallery.

Thanks in advance

Doreen Martinez