Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st Birthday

Helllloooooo! Its official, I'm a bad...very bad blogger! Tomorrow would of been 1 whole month since my last post. I may be a very bad blogger but I'm very good at browsing other people's blogs lol. This seems to be my problem, I have intentions of blogging but then get so wrapped up reading all the blogs in my Google Reader and still never get to the end of the list. So I have said to myself is it all that important for me to have a not really, I enjoy it but its not life or death. I don't want to delete it though either, then I'll really miss it lol.

Anyhow I do have a card to share! I made this last night for a friend, she had asked for a card for her nephew who is turning one. I was happy with it, thinking its pretty cute actually. If I weren't so lazy right now I'd run downstairs to get all the info on the card....perhaps tomorrow.

My son is kicking my off the puter now, goodnight...back soon....well maybe lol



flower girl said...

Hi!! your blog is so lovely and I love your beautiful cards/
Cheers =)

Bona said...

super cute card. ♥ it!