Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Already

Wow time sure does fly by! I cannot believe that it is June already, sure would be nice to have some decent weather, getting soooo tired of this rain!  Although I did get to enjoy some nice sunny weather not too long ago.  I just got back from Disneyland on May 24th, did a girls + 1 boy trip, was super fun and boy am I missing the sunshine!!! My Mom took me, my daughter and my sister and then my Aunt, her Grandson and my Cousin joined us, lots of laughs!!!

Even though once again I haven't been posting to my blog, I have been making some cards! I'm going to post a few tonight, I will have a few more to share in a couple of days.  These cards are back from Mother's Day and even a bit before.  I don't have any info on them anymore, I did write it out but have misplaced the piece of life story! lol

These 2 cards were for My Mom and Ron's Mom....

I can't take credit for this card design, i got the idea from Julie Ebersole, I love her work and loved the card she made so I decided to give it a try...I was very happy with the end results!

And this card I made for Ron's Sister....

So there you have it, a few cards and a few more to come!! 

Have a goodnight!!

Charlene :o)

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