Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Mail

I didn't make it to the computer lastnight, I started back on my meds for my arthritis and it makes me soooo sleepy.  Had my injection yesterday morning and by the time I got home from work I seriously could not keep my eyes open.  When Cheyenne went to bed at 8:30 I layed beside her as usual but fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost 1:00AM, just to move into my bed.....blah blah blah enough of that lol.  I had 2 great mail days, one package yesterday and another today, so MUCH better then opening up the mail box to bills!  Yesterday's package was from Joan, we were swap partners for Septembers Aloha RAK club.  She sent me a lovely Bella card and some goodies that you can see in the picture (thanks Joan!!)  Today's package was from Allison, I won these goodies for participating in her Suggestive Sunday.....the card is very sweet and the paper and ribbon will go to good use...thanks so much Allison!!  Just as posted the picture I realized that the stamp wasn't in the picture....hmmm thats because my daughter swiped it lol, hate it when I have to fight for my supplies with my 4 year old lol.

Well this chick has to get to bed, I had more sleep then I'm use to lastnight and still had googlie eyes sitting at my desk today lol, nothing like a cross eyed receptionist to greet you lol.

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